Oser les grands parcs

Thilo Folkerts
La ville comme nature – l’idée de la Stadtnatur à Berlin
City as Nature – the concept of Stadtnatur in Berlin

Oser les grands parcs
Colloquium 13 et 14 novembre 2023
Orangerie du Domaine départemental de Sceaux

Conseil Départemental des Hauts-de-Seine
Direction des parcs, des paysages et de l’environnement

Over the last fifty years or so, Berlin has developed a uniquely integrated idea of urban nature and public space. In joint effect of ecological research, civil action, and landscape design, extensive open territories and small interstitial spaces both have come to be widely appreciated and acknowledged as systematic part of public space. Based on particular historical and political conditions the interplay of built and void structures, of a fluid degree of privacy, and of an idea of urban nature that includes the city dwellers and their varied uses of space has created exemplary landscape structures that bridge dimensional categories and effect extensive cross disciplinary ramifications. The presentation explored some of the preconditions and interactions that have lead to the development of a landscape culture which, however particular, may be exemplary for the city as sustainable habitat.