Schlagwort: Stadtnatur

Oser les grands parcs

Over the last fifty years or so, Berlin has developed a uniquely integrated idea of urban nature and public space. In joint effect of ecological research, civil action, and landscape design, extensive…

Nature in the City

Jimmie Durham, La natura in città. Un diario / Nature in the City. A Diary is the latest publication in the series Memorie Minima of the Benetton Foundation. The text, written in 2001 and republished now alongside an Italian translation by Sacha Piersanti, is a poetic reflection on Berlin’s urban nature, which — in another format – was the focus of the 2022 International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens. The book is edited and introduced by Thilo Folkerts.

Garten zwischen Mauern – revisited

Wir hatten fantastische Herbsttage. Ich habe mich in Hof und Garten der Greifswalderstraße 34 geschlichen und ein paar Photos gemacht: Eine lebendige und gut funktionierende Gemeinschaft von Pflanzen und Bewohnern (und dankenswerterweise sorgfältig gepflegt.)