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dal il al di, group exhibition, artQ13, 10.10. + 07.11.2014

(Eli Cortiñas, Jan Edler, Oswald Egger, Thilo Folkerts, Katharina Hinsberg, Annika Larsson, Augustin Maurs, Lilli Messina, Hans-Christian Schink, Nasan Tur)

Irrigazione consists of garden hoses and different system parts for conventional garden watering. Laid out on the steep access ramp, it connects the gallery’s water-tap with a nozzle that sends a water jet toward the visitors entering from the street. The installation underlines the aspect of gardening as an act of claiming space. At the same time, the water play, here made from easily assembled parts from the do-it-yourself-shop, reverberates the use of water technology in the garden as representation of power, potency, and wealth. Irrigazione acknowledges the concrete access ramp as exterior part of the gallery space.