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über das Arbeiten des atelier le balto

A vague terrain is also a field that can be cultivated. In the short text “Terrain vague: The Future Belongs to Landscape Architecture” Philip Ursprung refers to today’s complete urbanization, as forecast by Henri Levebvre in the 1970s. For him the dissolving of the divide between city and landscape entails “a new urban form.” Ursprung describes this transitional situation as terrain vague, which can be dealt with in particular by landscape architecture. Marc Pouzol, Véronique Faucheur, and Marc Vatinel are working in this field, specifically addressing the phenomenon of spaces in transition. The design research by atelier le balto is dedicated to the redefinition of how nature and urban life come together, and how these may be experienced. What do these gardens tell us? Which conversations do they set in motion? Le Balto’s design interventions primarily elicit questions.