The Kent State Forum on the City – Berlin


Curated by Giovanni Damiani, Thilo Folkerts, Paola Giaconia

Publication to follow in 2014

Speakers: Luka Skansi, University IUAV, Venice / Jeanette Kunsmann, Bauwelt
 / Christof Mayer, BASB and Raumlabor
 / Thilo Folkerts, 100Landschaftsarchitektur / Veronique Faucheur + Marc Pouzol, atelier le balto / Ali Saad, Uberbau
 / Marco Schmid

Round table: Marco Brizzi (chair), Stephan Burkoff, Giovanni Damiani, Veronique Faucheur, Thilo Folkerts, Paola Giaconia, Alberto Iacovoni, Jeanette Kunsmann, Christof Mayer, Andrea Ponsi, Marc Pouzol, Ali Saad, Luka Skansi, Marco Schmid