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project proposal

Collaborator: Lorenza Manfredi

The project is the mise-en-scène of a staircase (or several staircases) in the urban context of Potenza, a city famed for its innumerable staircases. The installation – a choreography of water – changes one’s mode of movement through space, offering a new perspective. In this way, the staircase, because of Potenza’s specific topographic disposition, becomes an element not only used for passage: the aquatic modification shines a light on it properly as a public amenity.

The water, a typically shared and distributed good, references culture and cultivation; at the very root of city as a historic model. This reference is ultimately amplified by the use of typical gardening tools such as hoses, cans, or sprinklers. In creating a great spectacle of different water games, the project is also positioned in the tradition of illustrious Italian gardens, such as those of Villa d’Este or Villa Lante.

The free flow of water will create a wide aquatic presence in the space of the staircase: climatic, graphic and as an element of surprise. The visitor is confronted with an element that at the same time is sensual, ludic, and theatrical. The use of the stairs, at the same time, is not hindered: neither for passers-by, nor for the staging of theatrical event or choreographies in the context of the (contemporary dance) festival Città delle 100 Scale. They both might even find an incitement to play and interaction in this modified, enhanced topographical situation, otherwise taken for granted. In this way the staircases may offer a new corporeal experience of the public space of Potenza.