Between the Furniture

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Between the Furniture and the Building (Between a Rock and Hard Place).
Zwischen Mobiliar und Haus (Im Gestein der Zwickmühle).

Kunstverein Münster, 1998
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König, Köln, 1999

„Thilo’s (…) specialty is landscapes in cities. He has a moveable rock garden that is a mound of gravel (of a mass equalling about four normal human bodies, guess). It does not really took like rocks, nor yet sand, but more fluid than either. Thilo places this mound wherever seems suitable to him and when he has time shapes and textures it with a rake, after the fashion of Japanese rock gardens. It can change shape and mood in minutes. He has a collection of sand piles and rock piles. But just the fotos of them, as he discovers them on his perambulations through Berlin. (…)“

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